The X Factor: Goodbye To L.O.V.E

Melenie Parkes June 4, 2013, 8:47 am

Last night the curtain finally fell for Toni Turner and Stacy Awheto, aka L.O.V.E.

After three weeks in the bottom two and a surprising judging panel in which Mel Blatt refused to vote out either of her acts, L.O.V.E were eliminated by Daniel Bedingfield and Stan Walker in a decision that seemed to reflect the opinion of viewers.

After the drama of last week, the crowd at Sky City theatre were very vocal in their support of their favourite acts, and equally quick to voice their displeasure with any comments they disagreed with from the judges.

The contestants are also staying at Sky City, and if you're so inclined, you might spot some if you're passing through the casino, as I did last week while I was playing hide and seek with my car in the parking building (I lost).

With a celebrity bird caller round my neck (it's the sound of Angelina Jolie's bored sigh) and the 2013 Illustrated Guide to Well-Known People of New Zealand (it's a pamphlet), I managed to spy half of Moorhouse and Dominic Bowden, who was trying to disguise himself under a cap from the lurking paparazzi (in actuality, just a Chinese tourist trying to take a selfie in the atrium).

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But on with the show! Daniel of clan Bedingfield donned a tartan onesie (is there a Bedingfield plaid? If not, I'm sure we'll see Daniel releasing one soon) for this week's results episode. Tartan is fast becoming Daniel’s 'thing', along with his embryonic rat's tail, pleasingly squirrellish cheeks (ideal for hiding acorns and Stan Walker’s extra consonants) and poor decision-making.

Judge Stan Walker took to the stage to sing his new song 'Bulletproof', with a bit of Taylor Swift’s 'I Knew You Were Trouble' thrown in for good measure. Stan certainly set a good example for his team with a spot-on performance that got Daniel singing, swiveling and fidgeting in his chair.

"That is how to do a TV performance, every contestant watch that," declared Daniel.

Then it was time for the results; Whenua Patuwai from Team Ruby was the first act Dom announced through to next week "in no particular order" followed by Tom Batchelor, Cassie Henderson, Benny Tipene and Fletcher Mills (a shrill girlish cry erupting in the stands at his name). Maaka Fiso, Jackie Thomas and Anna Wilson all followed to safety in quick succession.

Only the groups remained at risk on stage and Mel's face was a picture of despair as she realised one of her acts would be getting the chop. Gap 5 made it through, leaving L.O.V.E and Moorhouse in the bottom two. I think we all knew were this was going.

In Sunday’s live show, Moorhouse sang ‘Every Breath You Take’ by The Police, but sadly, their act, which seemed so polished and energetic in the auditions felt diluted. Weren’t they better before mentor intervention? Perhaps not every act needs a helping hand.

Poor Toni and Stacey of L.O.V.E have been receiving threats and insults following the events of last week. While it’s fun for us at home to get steamed up about the competition, let’s remember it’s just TV, and not take it out on the talent! However, it is perfectly okay for us to take it on the judges, so judge away. The girls of L.O.V.E redeemed themselves slightly in Sunday’s show with a very good performance of Tinie Tempah’s ‘Pass Out’.

Joseph and Maia, a lovely duo, performed their folk-tinged song ‘Nothing I Can Do’. Meanwhile, Moorhouse and L.O.V.E sweated it out and Mel Blatt prepared to farewell one of her teams.

Mel was highly emotional as L.O.V.E, her "fighters to the end" took to the stage to sing TLC’s ‘Scrubs’. They did a great job, probably their best performance to date, with Toni showing off her guitar skills.

Moorhouse also did well; showcasing the harmonising that first brought them to the judges’ attention with their rendition of U2’s ‘With Or Without You’.

Shockingly Mel took a stand by refusing to vote, saying there was "no way in hell" she could choose between her acts, leaving her three co-judges to make the decision for her.

After much dilly dallying and prompting from Dom, Stan finally picked L.O.V.E to go home.

"New Zealand what are you doing? Not voting obviously," moaned Daniel.

Maybe if votes were cheaper more people would vote? 99 cents is pretty steep and where does the text vote money go? If it’s just paying for Daniel’s plaid to be hand woven by monks and dyed in panda urine, then no one’s going to vote, no matter how much the judges berate us!

Dom had to push Daniel three times to cast his vote before he finally tipped the scales in favour of Moorhouse by voting L.O.V.E out of the competition, meaning Ruby didn’t even get a say in the decision and leaving Mel broken-hearted.

Next week, It’s soul classics with a twist and a double elimination!

The X Factors airs Sundays at 7pm on TV3 with the live results show on Mondays at 8pm.

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  1. Bruce01:05pm Tuesday 04th June 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    The post asked about the 99cents charge, Firstly the relevant Television channel takes a slice, then SyCo which owns X fator takes the rest or a chunk, if not all gobbled up by either one of these parties they may direct a portion to charity though that is normally stated in advertising which I haven't seen. In other words, your voting dollar or near enough to it goes directly to the channel screening the show and the makers of the show itself who also will have received NZ on Air funding no doubt.

  2. Bruce12:54pm Tuesday 04th June 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Then again are we seeing penny pinching, are these songs being pitched because they are royalty free, there has to be some reason otherwise we'd be witnessing some really ramped up One Direction material or similar and the same for the solo acts, current headlining songs, sung by supposedly todays stars of tomorrow.

  3. kat12:51pm Tuesday 04th June 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    The judges need to HARDED UP and make a choice only one will win so stop mucking around and get on with it. stop trying to be nice. What is the point in siting there mel and saying i am not voting they knew what they were in for when they went on the show.

  4. Bruce12:48pm Tuesday 04th June 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Generally I take little interest in these shows as they tend to be over staged and present the performers in a poor light through no fault of their own, rather poor direction by the ego's mentoring. What I do have to ask is, the song choices for the boys, dear god even I struggle to remember how old those songs are, yet the judges constantly state they are looking for marketable performers who will produce singles and albums for today's market, Sooooo, why have these kids sing songs that the teens of today aren't interested in, wouldn't buy now and certainly won't buy tomorrow. Will we see the solo acts perform some Julie Andrews next week or maybe some good old Sharon O'neill, perhaps some Dean Martin or Bing Crosby

  5. Becs11:16am Tuesday 04th June 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Thanks Melanie, your summary of the night made me laugh again. 99c is pretty steep for a vote, maybe if the profits were going to charity or community projects.....

  6. Shalvin10:27am Tuesday 04th June 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Why cant they be straight up and say u need a facebook account to even vote for free? i will not be voting again or even watching the show.i personally liked l.o.v.e and they seemed like a harsh way to leave three or all of mels team to the end of suspection despite calling in no particular order yeah right! I believe it was a revenge for some of her remarks she made with a few contstants on sunday nite? Im fed up with this show bye..

  7. Penny Worth10:20am Tuesday 04th June 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    No GREAT talent on this show. Anna,Maaka and Whenua are the best of an average lot. Benny and Fletcher are weak and pretty little Cassie is hopeless.

  8. 23 0
    Dianne10:07am Tuesday 04th June 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Goodbye To L.O.V.E and good riddance! Does this mean we're all going to sing that great song by the Everley Brothers, "Bye Bye Love"?

  9. 54 0
    Adam10:01am Tuesday 04th June 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Goodbye To L.O.V.E - FINALLY!! Plus I totally agree with Fe's comment. L.O.V.E should have gone home instead of Eden and Taye. I also laughed at Mel's face being a picture of despair when she realised one of her acts would be getting the chop and I'm glad Gap 5 and Moorhouse made it through, leaving L.O.V.E to say "La Gone" as they say in Thailand. But we all knew they were going, didn't we?? Moorhouse's rendition of ‘Every Breath You Take’ may not have been the best, but I'm absolutely stoked they're still in the contest!! YEAH!!

  10. angela09:52am Tuesday 04th June 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    The judges say to vote to keep contestants in but for a dollar a vote is too expensive especially when you dont want many of them to go home. Perhaps it should be 20 cents a vote like a txt then NZ may get it right???


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