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The Rock’s new TV show has been called the Entourage of sports, but is it any good?

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Devil’s Playground: Simon Burke reprises role 35 years later

In 1976, 13-year-old Simon Burke began his film career in Fred Schepisi’s semi-autobiographical film, ‘The Devil’s Playground’. More than three decades later, Burke returns as the same character in its sequel, ‘Devil’s Playground’.

Game Of Thrones season 5 villains ranked

Most TV dramas have a ‘big bad’, the villain we all love to hate, but Game Of Thrones is littered with tyrants and evildoers. Now that season five is over, let’s take a look back at who were the biggest villains this year.

Andy's in the middle

Hannah accuses Sean of being a pig but Andy's the piggy in the middle.

Westside: West is best

Rejoice Outrageous Fortune fans, for your favourite characters are back, just not as you knew them.

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With shift work and flexible working hours on the rise, more and more people are home during the day to enjoy the delights and terrors of daytime TV.