Million Dollar Minute: Wed 26 Aug, season 4 episode 153

MARK NEWNHAM returns to play for another shot at $20k. Sharing the dream are PR consultant REBECCA NICHOLSON, 46, and teacher CHRISTA MALONE, 29.

Ellen DeGeneres outshines 'Taytay' on stage

Taylor Swift, who is renowned for bringing her famous friends onto stage for her 1989 tour, has invited good friend Ellen DeGeneres centre stage for a rather sparkly good time.

Keeping up with... Madonna?

Nelson Apsen has the latest reports that Madonna may be preparing to star in her own reality show.

Whales, dolphins and a sea lion playing off Bondi

Some of the greatest creatures of the the marine world joined together to frolick off the coast of Sydney near Bondi.The spectacular video captures a rare event and was filmed using a drone …

Courtney Cox Reveals Her Skincare Secrets

We swear Courtney Cox looks the exact same as she did on FRIENDS. And lucky for us, she’s revealing exactly what she does to keep her skin looking so good.

Caitlyn Jenner Received These High-End Dresses for Free

Caitlyn Jenner has sealed her signature style with the wrap dress. And. It. Is. Working! And lucky for her, Caitlyn didn't have to pay anything for a slew of dresses that were recently sent to her. …

Hugh Jackman takes to the stage

Kochie can't help but break into song when he sits down with Aussie icon Hugh Jackman to discuss his new Broadway show.