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Amanda Seyfried Debuts Fresh New Look

Amanda Seyfried has rocked gorgeous, long blond locks for as long as we’ve known about her. In fact, she landed her big breakout role back in 2004 playing “Mean Girl” Karen Smith, who had …

Sea Otter Hops on Kayakers' Boat

These kayakers were coasting in a harbor in Moss Landing, California when a little furry otter named Oscar stopped by to say hello. Oscar even managed to hop on and off the kayakers' boat with ease …

Kitten Tries to Figure out How to Drink Water

Ben the Three-Week-Old Kitten is still trying to get a handle on this whole "drinking water" thing. His initital strategy to drink the water may not be the most effective, but it is still darn …

Dog Swims with Pod of Dolphins

Louie the Dog has always felt drawn to the ocean, so when he finally got the chance to be one with the dolphins, he dove in a doggy paddled alongside of them.