State of Origin kicked off last night and thousands of memes have been circulating on the web from fans backing their teams.However Stan Walker has been criticised for circulating a meme some are claiming was homophobic.The meme features a quote from The Hangover, with the words "So long, gay boys" followed by a picture of the New South Wales team waving.In a column on, Matty Mclean said: "Stan Walker's post had homophobic undertones, and I didn't like it. Not just because I'm gay myself, but because it's 2015 and I thought we were past that."It's what I call "accidental homophobia". Because, I truly don't think the singer meant anything by it, past the point of joshing with NSW supporters. Stan doesn't see that what he did was wrong.The reporter went on to say: "It's a big deal for every young person on the playground struggling with their sexuality. They should never be made to feel like being gay is a bad thing, especially by someone in such a powerful position."Stan Walker has deleted the post and responded to those claiming it was homophobic.People getting up an arms about something that was harmless... I get called gay, fag, ni#%# everyday... Its nothing unless i let it be..— Stan Walker (@1stanwalker) May 27, 2015

Miley Cyrus sure made things awkward when she put Matt Lauer in his place on the Today Show this week. But she's not the only star famous for giving viral worthy YouTube material. From refusing to answer questions, playing the diva, being overly (read: awkwardly) friendly with talent to couch jumping and plug pulling, we've sourced the most awkward celeb interviews.

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Las Vegas is getting ready to rock as music's A-list arrive for the 2015 Billboard Music Awards. Dressed to kill and thrill, the stars shine on the red carpet ready to celebrate the evening's festivities…

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