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April 12, 2013, 3:25 pm Sarah Mason Yahoo! New Zealand

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Josh Groban’s touched down in New Zealand ahead of his first ever Kiwi show – we took a moment with the classical pop crooner, sometimes actor, and self-confessed ‘goofball’, to chat about his love of wine, what’s around the corner, who he’d take on a dinner date, and the possibility of finding ‘The One’ in New Zealand.

What’s the main inspiration behind your music?

For me, music is my ultimate form of communication. I’m not the most emotional person in day to day life, so when I’m able to express myself through song it gives me a chance to kind of tell certain stories, the experiences I’ve had with life, with love, throughout the years and in a way that I feel is very centred and honest and that I may keep more guarded or more private if I were just having a conversation.

What do you like to do when you’re chilling out?
I’m a big tennis fan, I play three to four times a week and it clears my head. I’m a geek for wine too, I’ll take road trips with my dog (Wheaten Terrier Sweeney) to Napa and do wine tasting. I have ideas of these grand vacations I’d like to take but whenever I have a moment free I kind of wind up having a staycation (staying at home), getting into a good book or catching up with friends or my dog. My life is such a circus, when I’m back I just want to be boring because I know if I blink my eyes I’m going to be back out circling the globe. I’m very fortunate that my job is so exciting, when I have downtime I don’t feel like I need to take that adventure.

Are there any other careers you’ve considered?

I wanted to be vet at one point. I love animals, but I was probably not smart enough in the sciences and I don’t think I’ve got a very good surgery hand. Or a train conductor – I think I’d be very happy sitting in the front of a train and just conducting the c*** out of it.

What other projects do you have in the pipeline?

I have a couple of things I filmed last year coming out, a cameo in a major film that I can’t really tell you much more about, and a role in an independent comedy called ‘Coffee Town’. Whenever that kind of thing comes around it’s a little pleasure to take a break from the music side for a few weeks. I’m not really into huge starring roles right now, maybe down the line it would be fun.

I’m happiest when...

I’m with my family.

Give us three words to describe yourself

Perfectionist, goofball, hungry

What’s the craziest thing a fan has ever done?

Get my face tattooed on her arm. I was very flattered, there’s nothing like a good face tattoo on your arm to pressure you into continuing your career for another 20 years.

Tell us something about you not many people would know

I crack my knuckles

Who’s your ultimate celeb crush and why?

(50’s pin-up) Bettie Page. She was basically the woman all the World War 2 soldiers painted on their airplanes. I think that [era] was the greatest sexiest style.

Is there someone who's still alive?

There are a few but I’ll probably run into them at some point, I can’t get myself into trouble. I actually might have a chance with them.

If you could take anyone to dinner, who would it be?

I would love to take Bob Marley out to dinner and pick his brain about the world. I have a feeling we’d have a very fun time.

Are you attached or looking for love?

I’m looking for love. I haven’t found it at the moment, maybe because I’m too busy taking Bob Marley out for dinner and dreaming about pin-ups who are no longer alive. I’ve met some wonderful women in my life and have had some very lucky relationships, but when you’re travelling as much as I am it’s really hard to get to know somebody that way.

Maybe you’ll find a nice Kiwi girl?

I think that might be a must.

Blondes or brunettes?

Oh you’re getting me in trouble here. The immediate thing that comes to mind is brunettes but more than half of my relationships have been with blondes. I really don’t have a type.

Do you have a message for your Kiwi fans?
I’m beyond thrilled that they don’t hate me with a passion for not having toured there yet! We’re just so excited to be there finally and are looking forward to a kickass show and possibly drinking lots and lots of wine with them later. I’m going to have to try the sauvignon blanc.

Josh Groban is performing at Auckland’s Vector Arena tomorrow night (Saturday April 13), tickets are available from Ticketmaster

His latest album ‘All That Echoes’ is out now

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  1. david02:01pm Saturday 13th April 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Josh has a voice like no other singer I have heard and would have loved to see him Live singing

  2. Mulpin12:20pm Saturday 13th April 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    I do wish I could come up and be at your concert but have just had a hip replacement. Josh has the most beautiful voice in the world, absolutely love it.


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