August 10, 2011, 7:20 am Anna Murray Yahoo! New Zealand



Many a music column inch has been dedicated to Shelton Woolright's legal battle with his former Blindspott bandmates over who has the rights to the band's name.

But we won't dedicate any more here, lest it overshadow the fact that Woolright's new band, I Am Giant, has produced a tidy set of rock anthems in their debut album, 'The Horrifying Truth'.

Based in London, Woolright is joined by Ed Martin, Paul Matthews and Aja Timu, who say their album is a "collection of stories, thoughts, observations and exploration".

It features the three hit songs from their 2010 EP, 'City Limits', 'Neon Sunrise' and 'Living The Crash', which remain definite highlights. And the first single from the album, 'And We'll Defy' continues the soaring rock anthem theme.

I Am Giant claims 'The Horrifying Truth' reflects the band's "growing awareness of mortality and the slow loss of innocence".

Which all sounds a bit deep, if you ask me. Because when you get right down to it, all you need to know is the album is loud, it's rock and it's highly listenable.

And that ain't no bad thing.

'The Horrifying Truth' is out now.

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