Charli XCX has revealed that the success of 'I Love It' meant that record labels were demanding more angry hits from her in a bid to replicate these sales - something that she was adamant "wasn't going to be the case" if they forced her to be something she wasn't.

Lulu has admitted she can't help but feel sorry for Zayn Malik, who quit One Direction last month, and says she sympathises with the star because of her marriage to Maurice Gibb at a young age.

Paul Weller's new music "comes from out of space" and he thinks 'Saturn's Pattern', his forthcoming LP, sounds "pretty original".

Charli XCX has admitted she wants to leave a legacy and has a "real drive" to have her own "empire".

Kate Nash revealed her weirdest musical inspirations have been seeing a skeleton in her mum's living room and not being able to pick up a frog in the middle of a road in Australia.

Happy Mondays and Razorlight are to headline the BL9 Weekender, a new festival taking place at Bury's Gigg Lane ground in June.