Chris Brown not safe alone with Royalty?

Nia Guzman has reportedly filed court documents to state she does not feel it is safe for Chris Brown to see their 13-month-old daughter Royalty when he is alone as she alleges he and his friends …

Andie MacDowell's unique wallet

Andie MacDowell has revealed she has fashioned a wallet out of a clear plastic bag to keep her credit cards in.

Joan Collins leads tributes to Cilla Black

Joan Collins has led tributes to Cilla Black who died last night (01.08.15). The world is in mourning as British showbiz and TV icon has passed away at 72.

Cilla Black dead at 72

Cilla Black has died at the age of 72 at her home in Spain. The cause of her death is still unknown, although it's believed to be "natural causes".

Pete Doherty's late realisation

Pete Doherty - who is currently clean following his most recent stint in rehab - has admitted he always realises "five seconds too late" that life is better without drugs.

Avril Lavigne wants to act

Avril Lavigne has admitted she would like to become a filmmaker and she is also keen to move to Italy.

Bobby Brown's wife rushed to hospital

Bobby Brown's wife was reportedly rushed to hospital after suffering a seizure on Saturday night (01.08.15) following the funeral of Bobbi Kristina.

Taylor Swift shocked by streaming success

Taylor Swift has admitted she "never expected" to change Apple Music's stance on paying artists' royalties for music streamed on the service in the trial period.

Sofia Vergara's make-up routine

Sofia Vergara has admitted she won't leave the house without make-up but doesn't see it as a "big effort" to fit it in to her morning routine.