Ryan Seacrest 'shed a tear' over sister's wedding role

Ryan Seacrest admits he "shed a tear" when his sister Meredith asked him to be her man of honour.

Selena Gomez growing up

Selena Gomez feels like she's "coming into [her] own" after realising she can't make every single person happy.

Ozzy Osbourne 'spies' on neighbours

Sharon Osbourne has revealed her and Ozzy Osbourne fly drones over their neighbours' homes so they can "spy" on them and "see what they're all up to".

The DNA Detectives: Amanda Billing

The DNA Detectives is the new local series in which Kiwi personalities trace their ancestry through science. Actor Amanda Billing took a peek into her family’s past and talks about the experience …

Beyoncé's father's superstar course

Beyoncé's father is teaching a course about how to become a superstar like his international megastar daughter, called 'The Entertainment Industry: How Do I Get In?'.