Taylor Swift narrowly avoids being attacked on stage

Taylor Swift's security team got into a violent fight with a crazed fan after he snuck into her concert in San Diego and jumped up on stage in a bid to get closer to her.

Nikki Reed opens up about wedding

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder pretended their wedding in April was going to be an epic housewarming party and most of their guests had no idea they were going to get married.

Lauren Conrad is 'pretty basic'

Lauren Conrad says she's "probably pretty basic" and claims she lives a very simple life, but is happy.

A$AP Rocky: Marijuana is beautiful

New York-born rap star A$AP Rocky has revealed he thinks marijuana is "beautiful", and is adamant the herbal drug "brings people together".

Game of Thrones receives Guinness World Record

Maisie Williams accepted an award for 'Game of Thrones' for smashing the world record for the largest broadcast of a TV drama simultaneously, hitting screens in 173 countries at the same time.

Joy Beverley dies aged 91

Joy Beverley - one third of the vocal harmony group the Beverley Sisters - had died aged 91.