Zayn Malik's bodyguard needs new job

Zayn Malik's bodyguard is looking for a new job but supports the singer's decision to leave One Direction.

'Nun' Helen Mirren

Dame Helen Mirren is living "like a nun" during her Broadway stint because performing every night leaves her too tired for socialising.

Harvey Weinstein vows to clear name

Harvey Weinstein has vowed to clear his name following allegations of sexual abuse, with a representative saying they "are confident that we will be fully vindicated".

Jamie Dornan 'stalked' a woman

Jamie Dornan found it "exciting" to stalk a woman off a train to prepare for his role of serial killer Paul Spector in 'The Fall'.

Joni Mitchell 'awake and in good spirits'

Joni Mitchell is "awake and in good spirits" but is still being treated in intensive care at a Los Angeles hospital after she was found unconscious in her home.

Zayn Malik demo isn't new solo material

Material thought to be Zayn Malik's first solo offering since he quit One Direction last week has been found to be a clip of an old One Direction track which didn't made it onto their album...